What's the Best Rosin Press in 2018?

The shift towards rosin over BHO in the cannabis community back in 2017 was an early 

rosin press reviewindicator on what concentrate connoisseurs across the nation agreed on: No more Butane!

One of the OG's of the rosin pressing world are the guys over at Sasquash. These guys not only make one hell of American made press, but they also are constantly improving on their presses. If you don't believe me just check out some of the older versions of their presses when they were just starting out! 


second gen rosin press1st generation sasquash presssasquash press

Just because these machines are older and not produced anymore doesn't mean that they weren't producing great yields on flower and kief rosin pressing. It's just that Matt and the guys at Sasquash aren't satisfied when they aren't innovating their area in the rosin tech market.

2018 Sasquash Press Line Up

Sasquash M1 

The M1 is Sasquash's entry level press, but that doesn't mean that it's not ready for the heaviest of use you can put it through! I personally own this model M1 and have worked the pneumatic version for over 40hrs in the past 2 months. I can say that the yields have been an honest 40%-55% on keif and 18%-27% on several lbs. of flower without this machine ever missing a beat! If your in the market for a quality American built press at an entry level price, then this press fits the budget.

Check out some of the key specs and features >here.

Sasquash V2

V2 Sasquash Pres

     The V2 is probably one of the more popular rosin presses among most growers and for good reason. If you're constantly needing to press large weights of flower the Sasquash V2 will knock out 1+oz/ per squish with up to 30,000lbs of pressure! 

Check out all of the V2 specs > here

The V2 isn't a baby, but it's certainly not the biggest or most powerful press Sasquash builds.

Sasquash M2.5

M2.5 Sasquash Rosin Press

Check this behemoth out!! For massive rosin production this is the new standard of huge, high yielding rosin concentrate production. With 50,000 lbs of squishing force across the M2.5's 10" x 5" Aluminium Plates you can blast through up to 2oz's at a time!

Check out all the specs > here